Recovers files from CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs that Windows cannot see properly
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CDRoller is a powerful tool designed to recover the information from damaged, scratched or unfinished discs, including CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray ones. The program does not only work with discs burned using your PC's CD/DVD writer, but also with those created by other devices like camcorders. CDRoller can also recover the information from discs created using most disc-burning software tools.

The program offers a simple and pretty intuitive user interface where you can access most of its key functions from a single place - the toolbar. Besides, there is a categorized menu on the left side that changes according to the type of disc you insert. For example, if you insert a data disc, you are offered functions like "Recover All", "Find" and "Test Disc" under the categories "Data Recovery" and "Other Tools". It's worth mentioning that CDRoller automatically recognizes when you insert a disc into your CD-ROM drive, and even when you mount a disc image (e.g. an ISO file) on your system. After the contents of a disc or image file is displayed in the program's main window, you can optionally select the files and/or folders you want to recover, so you do not necessarily need to recover the whole disc contents.

The program offers a good number of extra functions you can use like disc burning/erasing, logical and physical test, data extraction to ISO image files, raw ISO data identification, UDF disc scanning and even video splitting (a function that is not necessarily related to discs). Unfortunately, most of these extra functions cannot be tested in CDRoller's trial version and require buying a license and registering the program. Even more, if you try to recover the data from a failing disc using the trial version, the program only tells you which files and folders are recoverable and which are not, but the files will not actually get recovered until you register the program.

In conclusion, if you really need to recover the data from a damaged, unfinished or scratched CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc, I would suggest you to use CDRoller's trial version to verify if that information is recoverable before you buy the program. Anyway, there are many other software tools available on the market that you may try.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Automatically detects when you insert a disc or mount a disc-image file.
  • Capable of analyzing the discs created using multiple kinds of devices.
  • Capable of analyzing the discs created using almost all disc-burning software tools.


  • Many of the offered functions cannot be tested on the program's trial version.
  • The trial version only tells you if the data on your disc is readable or not, but doesn't actually recover it.
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